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Our Special Inspection Department routinely inspects construction projects. ALTA provides in-house inspections for all typical Special Inspection types with multiple experienced and certified inspectors and engineers. Our Inspectors undergo formal training and certification procedures for their work on reinforced concrete, structural masonry, spray-applied fire resistant materials, and structural steel among others. Our Special Inspectors are equipped with the latest technology to provide accurate and timely reporting of inspection activities. We also provide clear and open communication with project participants on items that may require clarification during our services.

These services include:

Verification of code and specification compliance for soil types and fill placement operations.

Includes inspection of reinforced concrete including reinforcing steel verification, anchor bolts, post-installed anchorage, and concrete materials for code and specification compliance.

Includes inspection of Structural Masonry members for reinforcing steel installation, mortar and grouting operations, cell construction, seismic members, and installation practices for code and specification compliance.

Provides inspection of steel construction including bolting (torque and snug tight), structural steel members, verification of material, erector, welder certifications, welding, and full penetration welding. This inspection also includes non-destructive testing for structural steel welds.

Includes inspection of Fire Resistant materials for density, bond, and thickness for Code and Specification compliance.

Verification of Deep Foundation construction including soil conditions, material installation, location, and dimensions for code and specification compliance.

Post-tensioned concrete inspections by certified PTI inspectors for verification of code and specification compliance.

Observations and inspections performed during precast concrete construction and installation (erection) to document construction practices and verification of Code and Specification compliance.

Includes observations, testing, and inspections during retaining wall (poured concrete, segmental or basket wall) construction operations to document construction practices and verification of Code and Specification compliance.

Includes observations and Inspections during EIFS construction operations to verify material installation practices for Code and Specification compliance.

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