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Alta SouthwestAutomotive Shredder Residue

Automotive shredder residue (also referred to as automobile shredder residue, auto shredder residue, fluff, or ASR) does not fit into the common media categories included in SW-846. The application guidelines and regulations are difficult to interpret. Consequently, Alta Environmental is a comprehensive environmental consulting company who take care of on-going ASR management for clients with varying regulations and protocols. This hands-on, on-going participation has brought Alta Environmental to the forefront of ASR management and helps multiple shredder clients with representative cost-saving sampling protocols, processing, analyzing and profile services of this unique heavily regulated special waste. Standard ASR services:

  • Help with material acceptance policy and procedures.
  • Help with internal ASR handling, storage, and record keeping procedures.
  • Conduct random inspections (in-house) for large vendors to verify compliance.
  • Help with correspondence to regulators, when necessary.
  • Collect reoccurring ASR samples per individual landfill or state protocol or develop for states without protocol.
  • Use specialized state-of-the-art equipment designed to shred ASR to required size (per protocol) in a significantly reduced timeframe.
  • Prepare letter reports documenting waste characterization of ASR per laboratory reports. Coordination and disposal of ASR material determined to have hazardous waste characteristics (i.e. lead or PCBs).

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